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Molykote®3400a corrosion resistant coating

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Molykote®3400a corrosion resistant coating

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Excellent solvent resistance

Excellent lubricity and corrosion protection


Dispersions of Solid Lubricants and Corrosion Inhibitors

Long-acting dry film lubricant with excellent corrosion resistance


Molykote 3400A corrosion resistant coating is recommended for the following applications:

Aviation industry

Hinge pin, sliding bearing and cam

Self-aligning Bearing and Connection Control

Servo machine bearing and instrument bearing

Circuit breaker and threaded connection

Spline fit and gear fit

Engine control bellows

Automobile industry:

Connecting parts exposed to dust, moisture, fuel, oil and other contaminants

Pins, springs and bearing surfaces of brake components, body hinges and connections

Locking moving parts, switches, ventilation control and servo machinery

Agricultural machinery and construction machinery:

Hinges and pins of access doors

Self-aligning bearings, ear bearings and other planar bearings

Rotating parts and bearings on tractor hooks

Splines, external gears and drive connections


Molykote 3400A corrosion resistant coating is a kind of heat curing solid lubricant and dispersion of corrosion inhibitor. Department. The advantage of this coating is that it can protect the bearing surface from corrosion and is excellent under the following conditions Lubrication performance of:

High load

Low speed

Dirty and harsh environment

Joint surfaces that cannot be lubricated again

Running-in of New Equipment and Reorganization Equipment

Similar materials require special treatment when cured, while Molykote 3400A corrosion resistant coating is not required. Its adhesive strength is much greater than its adhesive strength. For example, after the parts are coated with Molykote 3400A, they will not adhere to the bracket and fixture of the oven or to each other during the curing process.

The adhesive coating can be applied to steel and other metals; However, it cannot resist high temperature when applied to metal, for example, curing time will be prolonged when applied to aluminum parts.

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