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WS2 has been widely used in the United States, Japan, Britain, Germany, Canada, Italy and other countries, and has been successfully applied to workpieces and components in the following industrial fields, bringing significant economic benefits to the users:


Wire bearings-used in cutting, milling and positioning devices

Ball Bearings-Laser, Atomic Energy, Dust-Free Treasure and Medical Facilities Recorder Bearing-High Speed Copy

Roller Bearing-High Speed Spindle, Carrier Wheel in Meat Packaging Equipment

Ball Screw-Thomson Shaft and Linear Drive Locator

Automobiles-main bearings, rod bearings, axles and c v couplings of engines


Copiers, printing machines, high-temperature gears, automobile gearbox, automatic transmission, high-load equipment, high-speed electric motors and oil-free lubricating gears for dust-free rooms, etc.

Shaft: motor transmission, inner shaft, outer spline shaft and thread apex, dental motor, turbine engine, etc.

Wedge: plastic injection mold, container manufacturing, cold processing, clamp, molding and transmission system, etc.


Chain roller, combination connection, glass panel, pulp mill, food processing, dust-free room, machine assembly, combination of gear teeth and chain, automatic transmission, bicycle chain, etc.


Servo valves, solenoids, needle valves, ball valves, valves in automatic injection systems, hydraulic valves of diesel engines, atomic energy systems, etc. Connecting and non-connecting pieces Stainless steel components, pressure devices such as water pressure, air pressure and oil pressure, etc. where friction loss should be suppressed.

Cutting machine

It is used in fine grinding, rough grinding, drilling jig, drilling device, tapping and other processing processes and in cutting high hardness objects.

Casting processing

The use of silicon is almost excluded, thus prolonging the service life of moving parts.

Injection molding

In injection molding production, WS2 can increase the flow rate of liquid plastic by 3-9% for all metal parts in contact with plastic, such as molds, pins, etc., and increase the productivity by 4-8% on average. The molded product has higher smoothness.


Easily worn parts in small muskets, magnetic heads, cryopumps, trains, warships, tanks, armored vehicles, helicopters, satellites and missile devices; Air vibrator, electronic connector, circuit breaker and switch; Lathe clamp, cushion block, compressor, rheostat, slide block, mechanical parts in timer, guide valve, chain saw, rubber gasket, O-type gasket, high vacuum equipment, etc.

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